How To Run Android Applications in PC

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Android is a leading OS in mobile segment out 100 mobiles 80 are the android devices. Android users are growing day by day and applications too in play store. We can’t install all applications in our android mobile due to insufficient RAM. No worry with this desktop application you can run the application on your desktop with the android emulator.

Bluestacks application doing this role very well from 2011, the company recently celebrating with 100million user base application usage. By this huge success, the company releases newer version for this application bluestacks 2.0.


How to install:

Just go to the official bluestacks website and click on download bluestacks2 emulator button for download, you can also download bluestacks application in different languages if you want to download in other languages rather than English just select yours prefer language  at right top of the website and download. The size of the bluestacks2 application is 283MB.

After download you just click on that application and install, its take couple of minutes to complete an installation. Then click on the finish button.

Its needs setup of your bluestacks account

How to setup

The setup is a one time process

  1. Enable app store
  2. setup bluestacks account
  3. enable app sync
  4. Enable app store

You can log in from existed google account or from creating a new account. after login, it will ask you store your backup into google account and “keep up to date with news and offers”. Through this, we can install applications directly from playstore.

  1. Setup bluestacks account

After the setup, the bluestacks account. It will take automatically your mail id to setup bluestacks account.

  1. Enable app sync

With this your app data, settings,… everything will be in sync with google account.

You can load android apps and games from your PC if they are already available on your computer.

Note: the bluestacks 2.0 application is now available for windows users only

Bluestacks2 features:

Earlier version of bluestacks has some limitations to overcome those, company releases newer version with additional and interesting features includes set location, shake the screen, manage volume, and other aspects

What’s new?

  • Run multiple android apps simultaneously
  • Set location
  • Take screen shot
  • Screen shake
  • Manage volume
  • Other features

And also included a new browser-like interface, which allows users to open ads in new windows without interrupting their flow of action in the current app. There’s a new toolbar left the side of the application, it facilitates these actions.


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