How to Solve/Fix Bluestacks Graphics card Error 25000 Windows 8/7

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Now days Many people using Whatsapp, Viber amd many more Android apps on PC. for this first you have to install Bluestacks on your PC. Bluestack is heavy software in terms of graphics which needs atleast two GB ram and graphics card must be also good thats why Many people are facing Bluestack Graphics card error 25000 while installing the Bluestacks. In this article i am going to tell the reason and solution for the Bluestacks graphics card error.

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Reason of Bluestacks Graphics card error 25000

Have you ever heard about OpenGL ? it is a part of Graphics card present in your PC. Whenever you update your Windows it will automatically get updated. It is necessary to keep it updated to enjoy new software and games. May be that is the reason for your Bluestacks graphics card error 25000.

How to Fix/Solve Bluestacks Graphics card Error 25000

There are many solution for solving this issue its upto your PC which will work for your,  Comment below which will work for you or which not.

A.Updating Graphics card drivers and DirectX

Most of the users face this problem but after installing latest graphics card drivers it sorted out. you must try it once if you are getting Bluestacks graphics card error 25000. Make sure you have Java Enabled in your browser and it will show latest updates for your graphics if update available update it and reinstall bluestacks. Choose your one of the following

For AMD User

For Intel User

For Nvidia User

Update DirectX

May be it will solve your problem try updating your DirectX to the latest version,  download latest version of DirectX

Install while charging in Laptop

Skip this if you have desktop computer but if you have laptop make sure to plugin charger while installing and running Bluestacks. It solves the problem but very rarely because Bluesatcks is heavy software it needs High power Intensity.

B.Install Older and Offline Version of Bluestacks

If after updating Drivers the it still gives you Graphics card Error 25000 then you must try this method. This will solve your problem Just install older and offline version of Bluesatcks. Download offline version of Bluestacsks.

C.Try Youwave

Youwave is also like Bluestacks but its requirements are less than Bluestacks. It works well in low configuration laptops and PC.


One of this method will surely helps you to remove Bluestacks Graphics card Error 2500o. But if you are still facing the same problem then let me know i will surely reply you. You can also tell me which methods works for you to solve bluesatcks error.


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